If you have any items (wrestling shoes/headgear) you would like to sell, please bring them the first two weeks of practice and put on a price you would like to sell the item for.

If you are looking for an item, we can put your name on a list and post it here.

For Sale Items:

 Club Shoes: (contact someone from wrestling club for these shoes) All $5.00

Asics Size 5 Adult                

Asics Size 22

Asics Size 22 1/2

Asics Size 5 1/2 Adult          

Nike 1Y 

 Nike       Size 10 Adult 




                                                                 People Looking for Wrestling Shoes 


 Britt Pagor - Looking for Size 13  Call 608-567-9927

Swiergosz - Looking for Size 3   Call 419-356-7752

Kelly Krohn   - Looking for Size 3   Call 608-343-1354 

Darrel Boyles  - Looking for Size 1 or 2 Youth  Call 608-387-1059

Kelly Mau - Looking for Size 3 1/2   Call 620-202-1320

Greg Mason - Looking for Size 1   269-967-6329

Lisa Randall  - Looking for Size 3   608-343-6237 



Updated 12-19-2016


Please feel free to contact these people directly